The Savage Tide – SLO

Hello everyone! I(Jake) am running a published level 1-20 adventure path. This game will be in similar length and type to the “Age of Worms” game I ran in the past. Whereas the Age of Worms was a “save the world from giant undead”, this campaign will be “Save the world by hopping across the seas (and eventually the planes)”. Where it is not a “pirate” campaign, there are a lot of pirate-esque similarities, and you will be dealing with pirates a lot.

We are playing on Sunday afternoon/evenings. As long as I can get 2PCs, I will run the game.

Character Creation Rules

Use the navigation bar on the left to view everything. Make sure to check out the Adventure Log there if you missed a session or want to refresh what happened last game.

Please note that all new characters start at level 4, with 6000xp total (the minimum for that level). Please see This link on IGN for the amount of XP needed per level. For example, in order to get to level 5, you need 10,000XP, to get level 6 you need 15,000XP, and so on.

Savage Tide