Savage Tide

Parrot Island

From Parrot Island to The Taxidermist Guild

After being trapped downstairs in the cave on Parrot Island, our adventurers met up with a team that was investigating an undead menace. Together, they managed to clear out the undead (and a few crabs) and find the body of Penkus. It seems he was investigating the ruins with Vanthus, and was left to die after one of the undead (a Hecuva ex-priest of Oldimarra) killed him. The note stated that Vanthus was high ranking in the Lotus Dragon guild and that the entrance was under the Taxadermist guild hall. In his treasure room was a stockpile of potions and an earth elemental gem. The team escaped through an underwater tunnel back to the city.

The new cleric decided to follow a lead on the Oldimarran cleric, and left the holy symbol with Lavania Vanderhoren, who will investigate and find out more information. Lavania Vandorhoren has not lost all faith in her brother, and thinks she can still talk some sense into him. She knows force is required now, but requests the group subdues him and not kill him.

While walking around town, the group was ambushed by 3 Lotus Dragon thieves. 1 was killed, 1 was subdued and sent to the authorities, and the other escaped somewhere into Dead Dog Alley. The group decided to go to the Taxadermist Guild Hall and check out the Lotus Guild operation underneath. Upon entering the Guild Hall, they were confronted by the owner. When the Lotus Dragons (and particularly the name of Penkus was mentioned), the owner cast a few spells (including invisibility) and escaped. After searching the guild hall, the group found the hidden entrance to the Lotus Dragon Thieves’ Guild, and were descending the stairs…

To be continued next game.

Everyone is now level 2 (even if you only made 1 of the games). :)


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