Savage Tide

The Tide Begins

Summary of Game #1
A group of 4 unconnected “mini heroes” from the port town of Sasserine heeded to call of one Lavania Vanderhoren. The group(along with Lavania’s personal assistant) aided her in retrieving her impounded ship (and along with it the engraved signet ring), as well as “rescuing” a ship of exotic animals. The group then escorted Lavania to her family vault, solved a rather complicated puzzle, and found that her brother had already taken most of the family fortune. She found a couple thousand gold worth of IOUs, and will be able to manage.

Lavania asked the group to continue looking for her brother, to try and persuade him to come back. They discovered his hideout under Parrot Island thanks to (a now deceased) street urchin. When we last left off, Lavania’s brother Vanthus had just killed the poor street urchin, cut the rope ladder, close the trap door, and slid some heavy boulders over it. The group is now stuck underground in a pitch black dark cave, with no obvious means of escape. The one thing that was confusing with Vanthus’s monologue was the mention of “Penkus’s ghost”…

Rewards from last game: Lavania paid you all the 200gp. You all found some gold aboard the ship, which was Lavania’s old fees, and she just told you to keep it. That 160gp each. You also found the following items: masterwork studded leather, masterwork rapier, masterwork buckler, composite longbow with +1str (non-masterwork), two diamond earrings worth 25gp each.

Everyone is still level 1.


socket479 socket479

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