Character Creation Rules

Point buy system: D&D point buy, 36 point builds. ONLINE POINT BUY GENERATOR HERE (Scroll down and use the D&D calculator, NOT the Pathfinder one)

Race: Pretty much any humanoid-type race you want (human, elf, aasimar, tiefling, goblin). If the race has a level adjustment, I will make a “weaker” version of it. No flying races (unless the race gains flying later, such as level 5 or 6).

Your alignment must be one of the following: Chaotic Good, Neutral, Neutral good, Lawful Neutral, Lawful Good.

Classes: Any classes you want, although I am strongly urging people to play “generic” classes (found in the Unearthed Arcana book, AND ALSO HERE ). Essentially, generic classes are the “build your own class”. Most class feature, such as turn undead, smite evil, and trapfinding are available as class bonus feats. This allows you great customization, and if you decide later on “wow, I am taking a LOT of damage from fireballs”, you can pick up evasion the next time you get a bonus feat. Or “Hm, looks like we don’t have a trapfinder”, you can pick up trap sense. In addition, you get to choose what skills you can to learn instead of having them predefined by your class. Wanna be a fighter who can sneak and have great spot? Go for it. Want to be a spellcaster who can disable traps? Can do that too.

I am making the following changes to the generic classes, as “perks” for choosing them:
Warriors: d12 hit dice, 4+int skills per level
Experts: d8 hit dice, 8+int skills per level
In addition, if there are any “bonus feats” not listed on the site, feel free to let me know what you’re interested in. I have created a list of bonus feats FOUND HERE. If there is some ability you have that I haven’t listed, then get with me. Note that these “bonus feats” can only be chosen when you gain bonus feats in your generic class(warrior, expert, spellcaster).

Hit Points
Use maximum hit points for first level, with the changes to expert and warrior listed in the previous email. For every new level, you will get the following: Classes get (max hp – 2). So classes with d12 get 10hp, classes with d10 get 8hp, etc… the only exception is d4 classes, who get 3hp (instead of 2)

Starting Equipment
If you choose a “normal” class, then use their starting gold.
If you choose a “generic” class, then they are broken down as follows:
Warrior – 2 weapons, 1 armor(light or medium), 25gold
Expert – 1 weapon, 1 armor(light), 75gold
Spellcaster – 1 weapon or light armor, 150gold

Character Creation Rules

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