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Below you will find an entry for every session, including a short recap, XP, and usually a loot list.

A Misunderstanding: Saving Lavania

At the end of last session, the party raced back to Vandorboren manor to save Lavania, after Captain Javell sicced her first mate, Drevoraz, on the entire Vandorboren manor in hopes of catching Vanthus. Little did they know that Drevoraz had requested the aid of a local tribe of bullywugs, a savage bullfrog/humanoid hybrid race, to catch Vanthus.

As the party shouted their entrance, the entire house went on alert. After some smooth talking in the atrium by the champion, the group was escorted to the dining room, where they were set upon by a jerk of a bullywug. After dispatching everyone, the group managed to get that Lavania was downstairs (which was false, but the bullywug didn’t know who was who – all humans look alike). The group managed to save two of the Jade Raven mercenaries in Lavania’s employ, first a dwarf and then a female being tortured by rust monster and bullywug fighter.

Eventually, the group made it to Drevoraz, Lavania, and a disgusting bullywug cleric of Dagon(demon lord). Drevoraz saw the earring from Javell, knew he had made a mistake, and escaped out the door. The bullywug fumed, attempted to summon something, and was immediately dispatched by the party and Lavania. Lavania thanked the party, gave them a small reward, and offered a new, long term job.

Lavania found notes that her parents started a colony called Farshore, on the Isle of Dread. This island is roughly a 3 month journey one-way. Lavania is bringing more settlers and supplies to Farshore, and requests the group come along for the journey, with an additional ship. Lavania is unable to get the pirate ship out of impound fast enough – she wants to leave this week, and the paperwork/fees will take at least a month. She has started the process, however, and it will be ready when the group gets back.

Until then, she needs another ship, and the group remembered the moored ship at Kraken’s Cove, the Sea Wyvern. The group retrieved the boat, which was in suprisingly good shape, and brought it back.

Currently, the group is running around buying supplies (both for the ship AND themselves), while Lavania is filling up the Sea Wyvern with supplies and passengers. 2 ballistae are currently being installed on the ship for defense.

Lavania has hired a 2nd skeleton crew, to be on the Sea Wyvern as well, as she knows not all of the party are sailors. Any additional room past the PCs and the following NPCs are filled with settlers for Farshore.

Below are the NPC crew that Lavania has hired for the group (Note that each are links to character pages with descriptions and pictures of each):
Amella Venkalie
Avner Meravanchi
Father Feres
Lirith Veldirose
Tavey Nesk
Urol Forol

Loot: After selling all of the gear, the 2000gold reward from Lavania, and purchasing 2 ballistae, everyone receives 5650gp.

Experience: All party members present receive 2000xp (so you are all at 8000xp, still level 4)

Kraken's Cove
Savage Pirates

Going off of the information that Rowyn(leader of the Lotus Guild) provided, 3 of our group decided to head to Kraken’s Cove to continue their search for Vanthus. The Tortle(Will), Ranger(Gigi), and Champion(Christina) spent a day on a single sailed ship and took off to Kraken’s Cove. Due to the reef, they were forced to harbor 2 miles down the coastline.

On their trek to the cove, they noticed the wildlife was more feral and savage, and also smoke plumes coming from the location of Kraken’s Cove. About a mile from the cove, they were attacked by deformed, feral, savage monkeys. After a rough fight, and learning that magic significantly helps overcome their damage reduction, the group carried on.

When the group arrives at Kraken’s Cove, they see the entire harbor on fire(with an oily substance on top of the water burning), including all but 1 of the ships, which happened to be moored a few hundred feet farther out than the rest. After a tricky climb down, which included 2 of the 3 members falling off of a ladder into debris, as well as a ship rope snapping and careening into the walkway, the group enters the cave.

Inside, the group ably manages to deal swift punishment to all kinds of feral, monstrously mutated creatures, including a dinosaur, hordes of deformed pirates, and even Vanthus’s older lover – Brissa. The group found out that a bit from these savage creatures will cause you to slip deeper and deeper into madness, and that the creatures will explode when killed. Luckily, the group found a few restoration potions inside the cave (due to the demise of a mad alchemist before the group arrived), and the group felt much better.

At the back of the cave, the group found a very skilled swashbuckler captain, Harliss Javell, who recounted the story of how the cove came to be. About an hour before the group arrived, Vanthus set fire to the harbor and accidently activated a black pearl the size of a man’s fist. It fumed in acid, let out noxious fumes, and caused most people on the island to succumb to madness. Only Javell, her half-orc first mate, and Vanthus seemed to escape. Everyone else either was turned into a mad beast, or devoured by their previous comrades. Javell recounts how Vanthus fled the scene, and how she sent her first mate to Vanthus’s house to exact revenge – by killing him and his entire family and razing their house to the ground.

After hearing the group’s tale, Javell realized she made a mistake, and gave the group one of her earrings to show her first mate, so he would know to call off the attack. She regrets not being able to join them, but due to a huge bounty and not wanting to risk killing the party, she headed off into the jungle “to be healed by some druid friends.”

The group decides to take the small ship they came in on, instead of the larger ship moored farther out, as they need a 6+ man crew to run the large ship. Lucky for them, because as they entered Sasserine a day later, the Wormfall festival was in full bloom. Streets were packed, stilt walkers and all kinds of circusey events were going on.

A group of assassins used this excitement as a decoy, and a few blocks from the Vanderboren estate, they attacked the group(while dressed as stilt-walkers and dancers). The party split up, managed to either incapacitate or kill the group, and joined back together a mere block from the outer perimeter of Vanderboren manor.

XP: Everyone is now level 4! If you were hurt from the previous adventure, the wounds are still there (aside from the “bonus” hp you gained from leveling). So if you had 20 out of 30hp max left, and you leveled and have 40hp max now… you are at 30hp out of 40.

Loot: The following items were found in Kraken’s Cove and on the street performers(I am NOT including items used, such as the potions):
The following items can be sold at full price:
Black pearl (busted) – 250gp
misc jewelry – 950gp
misc jems/coins – 1000gp

The following can be sold at half-price (or more with a good diplomacy check):
masterwork rapier
cloak – 20gp
silver locket with picture of Vanthus – 10gp
saffron – 600gp
silverware – 200gp
2x Masterwork kukri for small creature – 612gp
+1 studded leather – 1175gp

The following I didn’t put a price on, as these shown great interest by party members:
set of VERY nice nautical maps (+2 to know(geography), and an ADDITIONAL +2 (so +4 total) to profession(sailor) checks for plotting a course)
+1 ring of protection
Slippers of spider climbing (currently on Gigi)

There was also a giant armory with pretty much any normal(non-masterwork) simple or martial weapon you wanted (no bows though). Feel free to pick up a backup weapon if you want.

Savage Tide - Into the Lotus Nest
Thieves' Guild Exploration

When we last left our Intrepid adventurers, they were about to descend into the heart of the Lotus Dragon’s guild (the large up and coming Theives Guild). The group did a bit of wandering, finding various thieves throughout the complex. 4 members were incapacitated, stabilized, and locked up (including their combat tactician – Kresh). 6 members were outright slain in the combat training room.

In the combat room was a very large map of Sasserine, with pushpins of various colors marking areas all around the city. Also was a note saying “Vanthus, fix this now”, followed by the names of every group member.

When the group finally found the leader of the guild, a beautiful human female named Rowyn(accompanied by her dragon-like pet), she was eerily calm and civil with the group. Rowyn was slightly upset about the partial destruction of her guild, but she saw your worth to the guild and offered to triple your pay to forget about Vanthus and join her. The group turned down that offer, but agreed to do one favor in the future for the location of Vanthus. Rowyn informed the group that Vanthus headed out to Kraken’s Cove a few days earlier.

Favor agreed upon had the following stipulations: Will not require directly killing anyone, and the group has one veto if they don’t like the task. Rowyn told the the location of a small sailboat (fits 8-ish people decently, with oars and a single sail). Kraken’s Cove is roughly one days sail east along the shoreline.

The Wormfall Festival preparations are starting to get underway. 10 or so years ago, a group of undead-creating worms, along with 3 bloodfiends, escaped from the Spire of Long Shadows hundreds of miles inland. While the town was able to protect itself from these invaders, the true heroes were a group of adventurers that stopped the undead from taking over the world. For a couple of days every year, the town celebrates these heroes, along with remembering the guard slain the defense of Sasserine. No one knows the names of these heroes, but masks are sold and paintings/sculptures are made of a ragtag team of heroes. They are typically depicted as a human donned in full plate, a savage looking humanoid carrying two swords riding on the back of a large tiger, a noble elf, and a beautiful human with various machinery placed in her body.

Lavania thanks everyone for the leads, and asks everyone to please continue and find Vanthus. She pays them all an extra 100gp for finding this information.

When the group goes to the boat 2 days later, they find it docked where expected, containing 12 waterskins full of water, and 2 backpacks full of rations. In the side of one of the backback are 6 small purses each containing 300gp each, with everyone’s name written on the side.

Everyone is now level 3.

Loot(roughly, from memory): +1 glamored chain shirt, 6 empty vials, 8 vials of sea urchin poison (DC 12 vs nausea, in 1 minute DC 12 vs 1con) which can be sold for 10gp each on black market, 16 daggers, 3 hand crossbows, 3 rapiers, 10 sets of leather armor

We will NOT be gaming next week (being the weekend before Christmas), but will pick back up on the 28th, at 4PM as usual.

Parrot Island
From Parrot Island to The Taxidermist Guild

After being trapped downstairs in the cave on Parrot Island, our adventurers met up with a team that was investigating an undead menace. Together, they managed to clear out the undead (and a few crabs) and find the body of Penkus. It seems he was investigating the ruins with Vanthus, and was left to die after one of the undead (a Hecuva ex-priest of Oldimarra) killed him. The note stated that Vanthus was high ranking in the Lotus Dragon guild and that the entrance was under the Taxadermist guild hall. In his treasure room was a stockpile of potions and an earth elemental gem. The team escaped through an underwater tunnel back to the city.

The new cleric decided to follow a lead on the Oldimarran cleric, and left the holy symbol with Lavania Vanderhoren, who will investigate and find out more information. Lavania Vandorhoren has not lost all faith in her brother, and thinks she can still talk some sense into him. She knows force is required now, but requests the group subdues him and not kill him.

While walking around town, the group was ambushed by 3 Lotus Dragon thieves. 1 was killed, 1 was subdued and sent to the authorities, and the other escaped somewhere into Dead Dog Alley. The group decided to go to the Taxadermist Guild Hall and check out the Lotus Guild operation underneath. Upon entering the Guild Hall, they were confronted by the owner. When the Lotus Dragons (and particularly the name of Penkus was mentioned), the owner cast a few spells (including invisibility) and escaped. After searching the guild hall, the group found the hidden entrance to the Lotus Dragon Thieves’ Guild, and were descending the stairs…

To be continued next game.

Everyone is now level 2 (even if you only made 1 of the games). :)

The Tide Begins

Summary of Game #1
A group of 4 unconnected “mini heroes” from the port town of Sasserine heeded to call of one Lavania Vanderhoren. The group(along with Lavania’s personal assistant) aided her in retrieving her impounded ship (and along with it the engraved signet ring), as well as “rescuing” a ship of exotic animals. The group then escorted Lavania to her family vault, solved a rather complicated puzzle, and found that her brother had already taken most of the family fortune. She found a couple thousand gold worth of IOUs, and will be able to manage.

Lavania asked the group to continue looking for her brother, to try and persuade him to come back. They discovered his hideout under Parrot Island thanks to (a now deceased) street urchin. When we last left off, Lavania’s brother Vanthus had just killed the poor street urchin, cut the rope ladder, close the trap door, and slid some heavy boulders over it. The group is now stuck underground in a pitch black dark cave, with no obvious means of escape. The one thing that was confusing with Vanthus’s monologue was the mention of “Penkus’s ghost”…

Rewards from last game: Lavania paid you all the 200gp. You all found some gold aboard the ship, which was Lavania’s old fees, and she just told you to keep it. That 160gp each. You also found the following items: masterwork studded leather, masterwork rapier, masterwork buckler, composite longbow with +1str (non-masterwork), two diamond earrings worth 25gp each.

Everyone is still level 1.


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