Savage Tide

Savage Tide - Into the Lotus Nest

Thieves' Guild Exploration

When we last left our Intrepid adventurers, they were about to descend into the heart of the Lotus Dragon’s guild (the large up and coming Theives Guild). The group did a bit of wandering, finding various thieves throughout the complex. 4 members were incapacitated, stabilized, and locked up (including their combat tactician – Kresh). 6 members were outright slain in the combat training room.

In the combat room was a very large map of Sasserine, with pushpins of various colors marking areas all around the city. Also was a note saying “Vanthus, fix this now”, followed by the names of every group member.

When the group finally found the leader of the guild, a beautiful human female named Rowyn(accompanied by her dragon-like pet), she was eerily calm and civil with the group. Rowyn was slightly upset about the partial destruction of her guild, but she saw your worth to the guild and offered to triple your pay to forget about Vanthus and join her. The group turned down that offer, but agreed to do one favor in the future for the location of Vanthus. Rowyn informed the group that Vanthus headed out to Kraken’s Cove a few days earlier.

Favor agreed upon had the following stipulations: Will not require directly killing anyone, and the group has one veto if they don’t like the task. Rowyn told the the location of a small sailboat (fits 8-ish people decently, with oars and a single sail). Kraken’s Cove is roughly one days sail east along the shoreline.

The Wormfall Festival preparations are starting to get underway. 10 or so years ago, a group of undead-creating worms, along with 3 bloodfiends, escaped from the Spire of Long Shadows hundreds of miles inland. While the town was able to protect itself from these invaders, the true heroes were a group of adventurers that stopped the undead from taking over the world. For a couple of days every year, the town celebrates these heroes, along with remembering the guard slain the defense of Sasserine. No one knows the names of these heroes, but masks are sold and paintings/sculptures are made of a ragtag team of heroes. They are typically depicted as a human donned in full plate, a savage looking humanoid carrying two swords riding on the back of a large tiger, a noble elf, and a beautiful human with various machinery placed in her body.

Lavania thanks everyone for the leads, and asks everyone to please continue and find Vanthus. She pays them all an extra 100gp for finding this information.

When the group goes to the boat 2 days later, they find it docked where expected, containing 12 waterskins full of water, and 2 backpacks full of rations. In the side of one of the backback are 6 small purses each containing 300gp each, with everyone’s name written on the side.

Everyone is now level 3.

Loot(roughly, from memory): +1 glamored chain shirt, 6 empty vials, 8 vials of sea urchin poison (DC 12 vs nausea, in 1 minute DC 12 vs 1con) which can be sold for 10gp each on black market, 16 daggers, 3 hand crossbows, 3 rapiers, 10 sets of leather armor

We will NOT be gaming next week (being the weekend before Christmas), but will pick back up on the 28th, at 4PM as usual.


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