Urol Forol


Urol is a bent old gnome that constantly squints when he looks. He carries the odor of the land about with him, an odor that most find not to pleasant. He is talkative and chipper except when the subject of the natural world comes up, whereupon he flies into a frenzy of excited stuttering bliss, expanding upon obscure and often strangely fascinating (to him, at least) bits of lore.

Urol has actually been to the Isle of Dread before, although his stay, in his words, was, “Unfortunately short – due to events beyond my control, I might add! We’ve certainly nothing to fear this time around!” He demanded to be part of Lavinia’s expedition when he learned about it, and indeed his knowledge of the Isle could greatly help the colonists of Farshore. Urol has a strange fascination with poisonous creatures, and his nerve-wracking collection of spiders and snakes is often the subject of whispered talk on the Sea Wyvern.

His one stipulation for going with the group was that Lavinia promised they could stop at the ruins of Tamoachan on the expedition to the Isle of Dread. These ruins are about 1/3 of the way down on the expedition.


Urol Forol

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