Savage Tide

A Misunderstanding: Saving Lavania

At the end of last session, the party raced back to Vandorboren manor to save Lavania, after Captain Javell sicced her first mate, Drevoraz, on the entire Vandorboren manor in hopes of catching Vanthus. Little did they know that Drevoraz had requested the aid of a local tribe of bullywugs, a savage bullfrog/humanoid hybrid race, to catch Vanthus.

As the party shouted their entrance, the entire house went on alert. After some smooth talking in the atrium by the champion, the group was escorted to the dining room, where they were set upon by a jerk of a bullywug. After dispatching everyone, the group managed to get that Lavania was downstairs (which was false, but the bullywug didn’t know who was who – all humans look alike). The group managed to save two of the Jade Raven mercenaries in Lavania’s employ, first a dwarf and then a female being tortured by rust monster and bullywug fighter.

Eventually, the group made it to Drevoraz, Lavania, and a disgusting bullywug cleric of Dagon(demon lord). Drevoraz saw the earring from Javell, knew he had made a mistake, and escaped out the door. The bullywug fumed, attempted to summon something, and was immediately dispatched by the party and Lavania. Lavania thanked the party, gave them a small reward, and offered a new, long term job.

Lavania found notes that her parents started a colony called Farshore, on the Isle of Dread. This island is roughly a 3 month journey one-way. Lavania is bringing more settlers and supplies to Farshore, and requests the group come along for the journey, with an additional ship. Lavania is unable to get the pirate ship out of impound fast enough – she wants to leave this week, and the paperwork/fees will take at least a month. She has started the process, however, and it will be ready when the group gets back.

Until then, she needs another ship, and the group remembered the moored ship at Kraken’s Cove, the Sea Wyvern. The group retrieved the boat, which was in suprisingly good shape, and brought it back.

Currently, the group is running around buying supplies (both for the ship AND themselves), while Lavania is filling up the Sea Wyvern with supplies and passengers. 2 ballistae are currently being installed on the ship for defense.

Lavania has hired a 2nd skeleton crew, to be on the Sea Wyvern as well, as she knows not all of the party are sailors. Any additional room past the PCs and the following NPCs are filled with settlers for Farshore.

Below are the NPC crew that Lavania has hired for the group (Note that each are links to character pages with descriptions and pictures of each):
Amella Venkalie
Avner Meravanchi
Father Feres
Lirith Veldirose
Tavey Nesk
Urol Forol

Loot: After selling all of the gear, the 2000gold reward from Lavania, and purchasing 2 ballistae, everyone receives 5650gp.

Experience: All party members present receive 2000xp (so you are all at 8000xp, still level 4)


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